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Common Questions
About Let's Go School!

Affordable, Effective & Convenient Driving Lessons With Let's Go Trainers

Comfy Schedule

We offer convenient scheduling seven days a week.

Helping Center

We provide training for Teens, Nervous Beginners and the elderly.

Quality Service

We offer quality service at reasonable rates.

Training Car

We offer the use of the training car for Driving Tests.

Let’s Go Driving school offers packages from 60 mins to 2 hours with the combination of single, five and ten lessons. These combinations are available for all types of cars like automatic, manual, specialised, advanced or defensive. We have separate packages for drive test lessons and those willing to take just the drive test. The schedules are available with multiple structures to meet the student's availability and requirement.
In general, driving lessons takes place between 4-8 weeks. Some school request or recommends a minimum of six hours of lessons. It again depends on the student's availability and ability to learn sooner.

You can consult and book your driving lessons online at WE make it easy for you to understand the details of packages on the website from the comfort of wherever you are.

Everyone has different speed levels when it comes to learning. Some might learn quickly, while others need extra time for learning. But that is not a problem because the goal is to learn to drive to a satisfactory level. We suggest suitable automatic or manual lesson packages after discussing with the customer based on their preference and comfort. Based on the availability and convenience , Customers can choose their package. Our professional instructors will also guide you to schedule driving lessons based on your learning progress, thus ensuring we meet all the expectations. Again, we agree with the customer's final decision.

All driving course materials will be made available at school. So, students or learners are not requested to bring any books. If they possess a learner permit card, they can get that. Else driving school expects the learner to come with lots of confidence and a positive attitude. The instructor expects the learner to come open-minded so that learning will be made more accessible. And of course, you can bring some basic things like water bottles, napkins, sanitisers etc., according to your needs.

Yes. We understand that people have a preference over the gender of a driving instructor. Customers prefer female instructors over males since they are seen as more patient and polite nature. But we have male instructors who also possess these skills. Sometimes, cultural and religious beliefs also make us choose female instructors. In some sculptures and religions, a male or female are not allowed to be alone with the conflicting gender who is not a relative. Also, some women might find it uncomfortable around men for personal reasons. Considering and respecting the customer's belief/need, we give them the freedom of selecting the gender of the instructor.

No. You need not worry about bringing a car for the driving lessons. We have a wide variety of car models from top brands like Toyota, Suzuki etc., to the learners for the best learning experience. They include all the latest models and small to medium sizes. Our cars are fully insured and screened thoroughly to meet government expectations. Also, we have equipped the vehicles with dual pedals, which are a vital factor in ensuring safety during driving lessons. All our cars hold the essential signboards as required by the law, including the driving school name.

Everyone doesn't need to know the basics before starting driving lessons. But if you are aware of the basics, it is a plus to the start. That is why we are here to help you to start from the basics. And we do not have a hard rule that you need to know the basics of driving before you learn driving. As mentioned earlier, just come with a positive attitude and open-mindedness, and we will take care of your basics.

Yes, we do provide classes for physically challenged people. We have highly trained our instructors to educate disabled learners. And we ensure the driving instructors who are always near you to assist. Let’s Go Driving school offers lessons with cars that are equipped to meet the needs of disabled learners. Learners can choose or decide based on their comfort. Also, we provide pick up and drop from any location, be it your home or workplace etc., for those needed.

Safety is our primary goal. At our driving school, lessons are scheduled on one basis considering the safety factor (One learner, one instructor). Our students' road safety is one of our primary responsibilities, so we take our service and job tremendously seriously. We ensure to take every possible amount of time that one instructor is wholly focused or engaged with one student. However, sometimes in a rare situation, instructor trainees may accompany during driving for training purposes

Yes, we do have cancellation fees. A minimum of 24hrs prior notice should be given either by you or the instructor whoever wants to cancel the driving lessons. If it is informed well before 24hrs, then the cancellation fee is not charged; else, we will charge you. We set the cancellation fees to cover any losses caused by the late notice. Other learners would have availed those schedules.