Terms & Conditions


The Students / Clients are requested to provide and carry their Learner Permit / Overseas Licence (Original) / Learner Permit Result Sheet (Original) while learning to drive.

The student must produce the appropriate Learner permit or other licenses before the commencement of every driving lesson and must always be in the student's possession during the learning/teaching process.

The students/clients should provide their complete address, contact mobile number and email id for records purposes to the booking office or Instructors.

The lesson time starts once the student/client sits inside the car. The student's responsibility is to advise the school or the instructor if they have any (prescribed or not) medication that might affect the driving. All mobile phones should be turned off during the driving lesson or should be in silent mode.

Students must advise as early as possible if there is anything, which may impair their ability to learn; Instructors will take steps to overcome them. The discomforts could include difficulties in reading/writing or understanding English, colour blindness, sight or hearing impairment.

We assess skills in various ways, depending on the experience level and depth of learning; Through observation, question-and-answer, and assignments that will help identify areas of strength and improvement. They are explained by the instructor and will be valid, reliable, fair and flexible.

We also assess students by making them nervous about making them confident in their driving skills and attempting the driving test successfully.


The Driving School / Instructor accepts payments by cash, cheque, bank transfer, Credit/Debit Card or Gift Vouchers from Let's Go Driving School Pty Ltd. Make payments before the commencement of the driving lesson or driving test.

It is the student's responsibility to keep ready the actual money. Suppose the student decides to pay by using any automated teller machine, similar device during the lesson or after the lesson or going to another place to obtain cash. In that case, we deduct time from the lesson or, if not possible, from the next lesson.

For the Driving test, the student must pay $ 50 in advance to confirm his booking. This advance amount will be deducted from the testing fee. In case the student cancels the test, we will not reimburse the specific advance amount.

It is the student's responsibility to provide the required documents to the VicRoads before the test. If the test is not conducted due to a student's mistake or other reason, the driving instructors driving test charges are not refundable. If the student has not paid the amount, he must pay the driving instructor charges in full.

While our instructor is coming for the driving test, and if the delay happens for any reason, the instructor will wait for an additional one hour. If more than that, the delay occurs, then the student should pay the instructor hourly for the wait time. The hourly basis is charged as per the driving lesson charges.

Bookings and Cancellation

The lessons should be booked in advance through the booking office, Online or with the instructor respectively.

The Driving School / Instructor reserves the right to reschedule or cancel the driving lessons due to any reason. Anyway, the student will be informed at least 30 minutes before the lesson. Let's Go Driving School Pty Ltd/ Instructor can also refuse to accept bookings or further appointments from students demonstrating anti-social behaviour before or during the lesson. Should, in the instructor's opinion, the learner displays signs that are likely to be a hindrance and danger, the instructor reserves the right to terminate the session immediately. Some of the symptoms may include drowsiness, the state of agitation, signs of intoxication or substance usage, diminished alertness, aggressive, annoying or using abusive language, lack of judgement, loss of coordination. Should termination of the session be necessary, any fees paid will be lost.

If the student decides to cancel the driving lesson, they should inform the booking office or instructor before 24 hours. For any cancellation within 24 hours, a fee of 50% will be deducted or charged, and for notice less than 4 hours, 100% of the driving lesson will be charged. The only acceptable reason to cancel the driving Lesson or driving test is a medical reason confirmed by a General Practitioner.

Any package money paid for the lessons is not refundable or transferable if the students have taken at least one lesson from the package. Packages are valid for 36 months.

Terms and Conditions of the "First Time pass Guaranteed."

"First Time pass Guarantee" is conditional on your driving instructor's approval stating that your driving skill level is at a reasonable level to the Licence Drive Test standard after the assessment by the driving instructor.

Let's Go Driving School Pty Ltd guarantees that if you do not pass your "on-road drive test "(Except immediate termination) on the first attempt, your driving instructor will attend a second "drive test" free of instructor charge.

Please note that the retest guarantee is limited to one month from your first license test attempt. For exemptions, please consult with your driving instructor or driving school. Gift Vouchers are valid for 36 months.